What's a Real "Date"?

Q: I was involved in a turbulent marriage, and finally, after enough abuse, I am now getting divorced. We have been apart a year. I'm having difficulty getting back into the dating scene because I now know what I don't want. Seems a lot of men have forgotten what a real date is (i.e., it's not "when can I come over to your house?"). I want a real date: dinner, a movie, nothing overpriced, just a chance to get to know each other before anything big happens. Do you think it's possible at this time to find a man like this or am I dreaming? -- Theresa, 43

Dr. Susan: I don't think you're dreaming at all. Plenty of men are still fine with traditional dating, though a coffee date is often better for getting to know someone without anyone having to invest a lot of time or money. You may find things going a bit smoother once your divorce is final, as some men are leery of women who may decide to go back to their husbands. Above all, times have indeed changed, and you need to remain flexible about the specifics of what constitutes a date.

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