Her Guy Grosses Her Out

Q: My boyfriend farts all the time, and it's soooo gross! OK, so lots of guys fart when they're alone with their girlfriends or hanging out with the guys. But this goes way farther than that. He does it out loud in the grocery store and then runs away, leaving me in a cloud of stink. When we're at parties, he lets off the silent but deadly kind, then yells my name, waves his hand in front of his nose, and shakes his head at me like I'm a kid who got in trouble. I'm getting fed up with his childish and stinky behavior. How can I let him know this is not cool? - Tara, 22

Dr. Susan: Wow, that IS childish. If I were with someone who pointed the finger at me after he made a big stink, once would be all it would take. Your boyfriend may not be able to help some of his gaseous explosions, though I thought most guys in their twenties had better control than that. What's inexcusable is his disrespect for you. Confront him, now before it happens again. Let him know that when he does such dopey things, he's killing any warm feelings you have for him. This part isn't your job, but he might want to have a look at what he's eating that's contributing. If it's fiber, good. If it's certain artificial sweeteners, not good.

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