Wife Included on Guy's Weekend

Q: My husband and I are going camping next month with a group of his friends. It's going to be mostly men as his friends are all single or divorced. I do believe one other woman is coming but that's it. The reason I am going is because quite frankly I do not want to stay home. When I asked if I could come my husband wasn't exactly thrilled, but I eventually guilted him into me going. The thing is, I don't really want to go because I know they are just going to be fishing and drinking. And those things don't interest me. I almost want to cancel and say I'd rather not go, but then I feel like the argument was in all in vain. Am I being crazy? Should I just go and try to have a good time? -Lisa, 52

Dr. Anna: It's okay to change your mind. If you don't want to go anymore, find a way to gracefully bow out. It's okay to say, "I made a mistake and I'm sorry." Why did you guilt him so hard in the first place? If you feel alone or find yourself staying at home often, why not take this as an opportunity to develop some of your own activities? Maybe a girls' weekend is in order! Time apart and some independence can be healthy for relationships.

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