Boyfriend Won't Acknowledge Her

Q: My so-called-boyfriend and I just took a trip to another state. We visited a chapel, and he was talking to some little old ladies outside when I came out. They asked him if I was his wife, and he told them I was his sister. I just stood there and looked at him and walked off. As I walked away, I heard him say, "I'm just joking." We were supposed to be there for 5 days, but even before we left he was looking for reasons not to go. We ended up only staying there for one day. Should I let go and move on? -- Pam, 51

Dr. Susan: It's always disappointing to find that your boyfriend (so-called or any kind) doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about him. I could forgive him for referring to you as his sister in that particular situation, as perhaps he was embarrassed in front of the little old ladies at the chapel. Still, if you put that odd behavior together with the change of plans about the trip, you would be well warned to re-think this relationship. If your gut tells you that things are going badly and can't be made better by a sharing of feelings, then moving on might be your best choice.

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