No Sex After Baby

Q: My husband and I have been together for over three years, and it seems like he isn't that interested in me since our daughter was born. Could I be doing something wrong? Is there something I can do? -- Amy, 20

Dr. Susan: Once you've been with someone for three years, the physical portion of your relationship inevitably changes, many times becoming less frequent and less intense. And once you're had a baby, many things change in your body, your relationship, and your lives, as well. I doubt that you are doing anything actually "wrong." You need to sit your husband down for a quiet talk and find out what in particular is causing him to cool down. He may or may not be aware that some men find it a challenge to be passionate lovers to their wives now that those wives are also mothers. You may need to find ways to separate mothering from being an attentive lover, so your husband can see again what he fell in love with about you. It's got to be a joint project, though. So get him involved however you can.

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