Misunderstanding or Mixed Signals?

Q: Last week I went on one of the best dates I've ever had. We met online and after a week of flirty texting, we went out for dinner. We laughed and talked for hours and shared a very HOT kiss good night. She said she had a great time and suggested we get together again. I went home happy, thinking she was as into me as I was into her. The problem? I haven't heard from her since! What gives? Did I do something wrong or was she just not interested? — Abe, 24

Dr. Susan: Wait. Do you mean you didn't call her? After that hot kiss, you can stop the texting and move things to the phone. As I understand it, she suggested you get together again, but the two of you left it vague. Of course, it's always possible she has a boyfriend, is super busy, or she lost interest that quickly. But then who needs a girl that changeable? More likely she's waiting for you to make the next move. Write, call, text, whatever. Tell her you had such a great time that you can't wait to see her again. Then make a specific suggestion or two. If she never replies, you can assume she gave mixed signals and you (understandably) misread them.

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