Torn Between Two Girls

Q: I have been seeing this girl Michelle for a few months now. No one in my family likes her, and some of my friends don't like her either. We have been fighting the last few weeks. The one reason we are fighting is because I talk to my ex-girlfriend, Emily. I have known Emily since I was little, and she was the first person I ever loved. Emily wants me to go out with her again. Since I have been talking to her again, my feelings for her are coming back. My family loves her and so do my friends. The only bad part is that she lives two hours away instead of living two blocks away like Michelle. I don't know what I should do: stay with Michelle or go back with Emily? -- Christian, 20

Dr. Susan: It sure doesn't sound like you're ready to limit yourself to one girl yet. Why would you care what your friends think of your girlfriends? Unless everyone doesn't like Michelle because her personality is really bad. Yet I can hardly blame her for being upset that you're talking with your ex-girlfriend. It's not fair to Michelle's feelings. If you decide to drop Michelle, just do it and then date around before settling down so quickly. I don't know why you broke up with Emily, but it's likely that you'll do so again if you get back together. Especially with her living so far away. Whatever you do, be honest with each of them.

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