5 Myths About Men

Don't let the media mislead you into believing that all men are the same. Stereotyping men only leads to miscommunication between the sexes. Here are the five most common myths about men:

Men are afraid of long-term commitment. Statistics show that the majority of men decide they want to get married by their early thirties. Women usually decide earlier. If such a woman is involved with a man her age, his unwillingness at 25 to walk down the aisle doesn't mean he'll feel the same way when he's 29.

Men can't be monogamous. Neither can women. In a poll conducted by Divorce Magazine, 28% of divorced women had an affair. Thirty-six percent of divorced men had. The statistics aren't hugely different, proving that the risk factor for adultery isn't one's sex. It's one's level of satisfaction with his or her partner.

Men like porn. Men get more turned on by visual images than women do. That's not to say women don't like porn at all. Researchers at Northwestern University conducted a study in which women watched pornography while their sexual arousal was monitored. Unlike men, who are sexually aroused by specific targets like female breasts, women are aroused by a number of images, whether they're of male-female couples, lesbians, or homosexual men. Women are aroused by a wider variety of porn than men are.

Men hate oral sex. If a man hates oral sex, he won't do it.

Men hate talking about 'relationships.' Men and women communicate differently. Men don't jump into serious conversations as quickly and with the same amount of ease as women do. Many women take this as a sign that a man hates talking. But that's not true. They just need more time to speak their feelings. Women are well practiced at the art of dumping out their emotions - they do it with her girlfriends all the time. Guys don't talk to other guys that way, so they're not as experienced. Patience is a virtue.

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