So You Think Your Date Was Bad…

As much as we all want to forget that one really bad date, we still end up talking about it to our friends.

And then the one upsmanship begins…or is it one downsmanship? Man down! Woman down! Everybody's down after a depressingly horrifying date.

So what made yours so bad? What about your friends' horror stories?

Let's share a few tales of terrible twosomes and see if yours really is the worst.

Ex Is for Exit
A woman friend went on a date with a nice, funny, friendly kind of guy who was separated. They went to a lovely restaurant on the waterfront and sat at the bar. As they were chatting, laughing and getting to know each other, he said, "Oh, no!" His wife and four kids had come in while they were talking and sat down two tables away.

He couldn't carry on a decent conversation after that, and said he'd have to go say hi to his kids. My friend said she had to go.

Ch-, Ch-, Ch- Changes
A guy at the gym warns everyone away from online dating based on his shocking experience. A few months ago, he was meeting a woman he'd talked to for hours on the phone and exchanged multiple photos with. When she walked up to him at the bar and introduced herself, she had a much deeper voice and a clearly male body type.

This was not what my workout buddy was expecting at all, and he felt tricked. He quickly excused himself to go to the bathroom and left.

Showing Your…Class
My friend's sister had worked very hard to lose a ton of weight over a year and was so proud of how she looked. She began online dating. At her first meetup with a dude, they chatted over coffee. He told her how hot she looked.

Then he proceeded to say that he'd left his wife because she got overweight. Then he recounted how he'd met another woman online and she had lost 70 pounds. It didn't help her looks, he said, laughing heartily.

My friend was speechless. She just held up a finger like "I'll be back in a sec" and went to her car and drove off. Unfortunately, she swears she'll never consider online dating again.

Ready, Aim, Fire!
A friend of a friend started a new job at an IT company after getting his graduate degree. He met a gorgeous woman on the elevator after lunch and she introduced herself as Katrina. When they got off on the same floor, they continued chatting for a bit. She said she could tell he was new, and if he'd like to go for a drink after work, she'd give him some insights into the company. He jumped all over it.

Meanwhile, he met a bunch more people at work that day. When he met up with Katrina at the bar, they talked for a bit, and she was flirting heavily. At some point, he asked her last name and what her job role was. Weird! She had the same last name as his boss, and it was an unusual one.

So, he asked Katrina if she was related to Gerald, his boss. "Yes," she said. Nothing more. She changed the subject. Sensing something weird, he changed it back. "How are you two related?" he asked. "Well, he's my husband," she said. "Is that a problem for you?" Umm, yeah, big problem. He was out of there faster than the speed of light.

OK, so how does your disastrous dating debacle compare to these stories? I hope yours isn't so bad in comparison. But if it is, you've obviously learned a lot and have a great bar story when you're out with your friends. (But don't tell it when you're out with dates, please! Do learn something from these flaming fiascoes.)

Better luck next time!

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