4 Bad Habits that Hurt Your Relationship

Bad habits can slip into even the most blissful of unions. While you may be tempted to write many off as endearingly minor infractions on your intimacy, some of these seemingly innocent customs can actually wreak havoc on your couplehood.

Hurtful Habit #1: Baby Talk

Are you guilty of using that cutesy, high-pitched voice and lovey-dovey nicknames until even your most patient friends are annoyed? If you regularly rely on baby talk, you could be using that infantile language to avoid adult issues, damaging your chance at mature communication — not to mention sex. If you start addressing your issues like grown-ups, you'll find it easier to be in a relationship with one.

Hurtful Habit #2: Nagging

Nagging really isn't about his inability to pick up his dirty socks. It's a power struggle — the more she pesters him, the more pressure he feels to not relent. But nagging is more than just an annoyance, it can erode long-term relationships until neither side knows how to let off or negotiate. Work together to determine what requests are reasonable and learn to accept 'no,' when your partner is unable or unwilling to oblige.

Hurtful Habit #3: Playing Hooky

It's great that you feel stable enough in your union to spend time apart cultivating your own friendships, hobbies or career. But absence — and resulting abstinence — does not make the heart grow fonder. Take time together to nurture your intimacy or you'll find it's faded away.

Hurtful Habit #4: Booty Bargaining

Do you withhold — or promise — sex to punish or persuade your love to do things your way? Using sex to influence behavior usually indicates your needs aren't being met in other ways. But by making booty a bargaining tool, you kill off your natural desire for each other. Remember: you're supposed to be having sex because it's fun, not because you want something done.

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