Good Morning, America!

Mornings can be tough. But with a little effort, you can turn your morning routine into foreplay. Your man won't need coffee to wake him up after you perform these tricks. Warning: Don't do this on a day he has a big meeting. He won't be able to get his mind off of you.

  • Put your sexy toes into some sexy hose. When you're dressing for work, make a show of putting on your pantyhose. Don't wear the kind your mom buys at the supermarket. Slink around the kitchen in thigh-high fishnets.
  • Be a klutz. Drop your makeup and bend over to pick it up. Strategically show him just the top of your underwear. If he tries to get you to undress, make him wait until later.
  • Forget the peck on the cheek. When you kiss him goodbye, give him some major tongue. Be sure to brush first.
  • Make him drive past 55. If you commute to work together, rest your hand on his thigh. Resist the temptation to move higher.
  • Make Starbucks sexy. When you drink your morning cappuccino, get some foam on your lip. Look him straight in the eye as you lick it off.

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