The Best Lovers Know...

"Good In Bed." How many among us hasn't wondered exactly what that means and what precisely it takes to achieve it? Is it gymnastic abilities? A perfect body? A future in porn? Just showing up?

In our (entirely unscientific, but enjoyable) own personal surveys, we've come up with the following truths. Those who are truly gifted in bed know...

...Sex Is Worth Getting Excited About

This isn't the Olympics, here. Perfect technique won't win you nearly as many points as having a sheer, breathless joy in just being there. Who wouldn't want to be with someone who's just really excited about being with them? Of all the things we motivate ourselves to do every day - work, the gym, laundry, whatever - isn't sex worth being one of them?

...How to be Flexible

We're not talking Kama Sutra-style bendability here. The best lovers are laid-back and don't get nitpicky about their nookie. They don't have stricts rules about their romps in the sack -- like having certain places off limits to touching, or only getting down in certain positions.

...To Pay Attention

Good lovers are great detectives - they pay attention to their lover's reaction to each move they make, ensuring they'll keep increasing the pleasure for both of them. And when they can't tell what's working? They just ask.

...When to Mix It Up

While great lovers know that forty-five minutes of missionary-style pumping isn't always what the doctor ordered, they also realize that they don't need to spin through six positions per sack session. They're always up for experimenting, but know it's not necessary to come to bed with something new every time. They keep on perfecting the fundamentals as well as try out new tricks.

...One Signature Move

What separates the great lovers from the merely good ones is the mastering of a technical move. Don't worry that you need to have the dexterity of an acrobat. You don't have to be a porn star to be sexy, you just need to find one move - whether you're good with your hands, a skilled oral explorer, or a new-position pioneer - that makes your partner swoon every time.

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