Bounce Back from Big Fights

All couples clash sooner or later, but crazy-for-you couples know the secret to sustaining a healthy union is in how you make up after your major blow outs.

Here's how to kiss and make up.

Get It All Out

If you're still fuming, air all those gripes while you're still grappling. Otherwise, you'll just hang on to that resentment and bring it up later anyway. But be cautious of how you couch your criticisms. Your partner will get defensive and shut down if you pepper your argument with too many "you said" or "you did"s. Focus on what your mate's actions make you feel. 

Leave the Battleground

Avoid the post-fight funk by fleeing the scene for something fun. The change in scenery will help get your brain past the bickering and taking pleasure in doing something together serves as a reminder of all the good things you've got going on.

Apologize…For Something

You don't need to apologize for the whole argument, but you do need to say you're sorry if you said or did something hurtful to your partner. Acknowledging that you're partly to blame for the battle will enable you and your honey to have a real discussion. It'll also give your sweetie more of an incentive to make amends, too.

Make Nice

Bitter bickering can create a hostile atmosphere. Break the tension with a little diplomacy. Offer your sparring partner a drink, or to make lunch or a snack. Being sweet to each other — especially when you don't feel like it — will take the edge off and will help remind you that you still love each other. Once the hostility calms a bit, you can redirect all that adrenaline with some heated make-up sex to blow off steam and carnally reconnect with each other.

Stop Keeping Score

Sometimes it's hard to remember that fighting isn't about winning or losing. Yes, you secretly want to 'win' the argument, but would you rather be right or be happy?

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