Five Ways to Shake Up the Breakup Blues

Whether you were dumped or you were the dumpee, the post-breakup weeks can be a wretched, isolating time. However, at some point you have to get on with your life -- for your sake and for the sake of those around you. Allow yourself one final blow-out pity party: cry, scream, punch the sofa, eat a tub of rocky road. Then, when your tears have dried, pull yourself together and simply get on with it. Here are five ways to pick yourself up after a brutal breakup:

Pamper yourself: Visit a day spa, join a gym, pick up a new outfit -- anything that will make you feel good about yourself, physically and mentally.

Get out of town: Treat yourself to a weekend bed and breakfast or even a weeklong cruise. Don't even think twice about doing this solo -- pack a pile of books and magazines or otherwise luxuriate in the time you have to yourself. You'll find that getting out of town will give you a new perspective on what you've left behind.

Challenge yourself: Pick one activity you've always wanted to do and do it. Read all the classics, start training for a marathon, prepare yourself for an Outward Bound adventure. Any of these things will get your mind thinking of the future rather than of the past.

Reconnect with your friends: Close friends will know this is a tough time for you -- stop wallowing by yourself and go out with them. Make plans early in the week and stick to them.

Go on a date: After a few weeks or a couple months, you may not be quite ready for a serious relationship, but you can certainly go on a harmless date. Even if you're not crazy about the person, the flattery will help build your confidence again. And who knows, you just may enjoy yourself.

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