Low On Money? You Can Still Be Romantic

Whether you still haven't found a job after the dot com bust, or your job simply doesn't pay enough, you can still be romantic. There are more ways to be romantic than just taking your girlfriend or boyfriend out for an expensive Italian meal. Romance is about what's in your heart, not your wallet. So before you suggest spending another night in front of the television, try some of these frugal romantic ideas:

Write your partner a love letter. A letter requires deliberate thought about the other person. At its heart, this is what romance is. Don't stop yourself from doing this just because you think you're a lousy writer. The content of the letter matters less than the fact that you took the time to write it. Ladies - for extra points, instead of dotting your I's, draw hearts.

  • Write "I Love You" in the snow or in flower petals on the kitchen table.

  • Make a mixed tape or cd of your lover's favorite songs.

  • Hike to the top of a hill and bring along sandwiches and an inexpensive bottle of wine.

  • Visit a nearby large building, take the elevator to the roof, and admire the view while holding hands.

  • Take your lover out for ice cream.

  • Most museums have a day when admission is free. Go to whatever one suits your lover's taste, not yours.

  • Go for a leisurely stroll in a new neighborhood.

  • Go to a public garden and admire the flowers. Point out the ones you wish you could purchase for your beloved.

  • Rent a movie your partner's always wanted to watch, but you've refused.

  • Prepare your lover his or her favorite meal while they're at work.

  • If your lover normally takes public transportation home from work, pick him or her up.

  • Buy him or her a card for no reason.

  • Make your lover breakfast in bed when he or she isn't expecting it.

  • Call your lover at work and leave a message expressing your love.

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