Five Surprising Ways to Crank Up Your Love Life

Remember the first thrilling days of your romance? You anticipated every phone call, delighted in every new-found commonality, and reveled in the slightly out-of-control free-fall as you tumbled into love.

Unfortunately, as relationships mature, you end up trading some of that reckless thrill for contentedness and familiarity. While you want to keep your rock-solid relationship, you may want to try our advice if your thrill has chilled.

  1. Share a Secret. Growing intimacy - and learning what makes your sweetie swoon - is part of what makes new relationships so exciting. Swapping a secret with your beloved is a way to bring back some of the mystery that's lost in long-term relationship.

  2. Scare Yourselves Silly. You were on to something going to horror flicks as a teenager. "Going to a scary movie is likely to result in a make-out session," says Dr. Galdino Pranzarone, psychology professor at Roanoke College in Virginia. "Couples receive a rush of adrenaline from the flick and misinterpret it as sexual excitement for each other."

  3. Stoke Your Competitive Spirit. Get fired up over a game or sport. Try touch football or a friendly wrestling match on the living room floor. Not an athlete? Play a round of Twister or strip poker. Any kind of healthy competition will spark your libidos, but for an added bonus, place a sexy wager on the game's results.

  4. Sweeten The Deal. Feed each other a few aphrodisiacs. Chocolate, for example, actually contains trace amounts of the same chemical - phenylethylamine - that's released by your pituitary gland when you're falling in love. Even though most aphrodisiacs are unproven, the simple act of sharing food together will surely boost your bonding.

  5. Stick with Spontaneity. Ultimately, what really kills the thrill in a relationship is falling into a routine. Make the effort to occasionally shake up your love life by trying new hobbies, visiting new locales, and keeping your love fresh.

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