Decode Her Mixed Signals

There she is, across the bar, wearing a miniskirt and cleavage-baring top. Complaining that she's always being objectified by men.  

Make no mistake, women are masters of the mixed message. She touches, flirts and giggles—then says she's just being friendly. She kisses you passionately in the back of taxicabs—then tells you she wants to take things slow.  How will you ever figure her out? 

Crack the Code: When She's "Flirting" 

Even if you're sure she must be flirting (her hand is on your thigh!), pretend she's not. Women are naturally more touchy-feeling and flirtatious than men. Often when you take her signals of flirtatious interest, she thinks she's just being friendly. Wait for another sign of interest before you proceed.  Crack the Code: During the Pick Up  Women—especially those ones that are "just friendly"—always act different around guys they like. So compare how she's treating you with how she's treating the average Joe. If she's interested, she's spending more time looking at you, smiling and listening. When you ask her a question, she chats longer and gives you an opportunity to respond. 

Crack the Code: When You Make Your Move 

This must be one of those Mars/Venus things. Women are more likely to encourage your advance via body language, while you guys are more likely to offer a blunt, "Want to hook up?". Then you wonder why we say you're a jerk. Pay attention to how her body acts around you—pressing up against you for more or edging away?—but still wait for her to make take things further. If she wants to, she will. 

Crack the Code: Between the Sheets 

Is she really having a good time, or secretly waiting for you to get things over with? If you notice, say, your woman suddenly craning her neck sideways and burrowing her face into the pillow, it could be because she's into that erotic asphyxiation thing…but it's much more likely that she's offering up her sensitive neck for you to nibble on. Pay attention to those little details--like a backside that rises to meet your caress, or a breast that shudders at the touch of your hand.

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