4 Tips to Double Your Bedroom Fun

When you go to an amusement park, you're not content to just take one spin on the rollercoaster, you buy an all-day pass, right? So why are you satisfied with one hot roll in the hay when you could go for a second - or third or fourth! - round?

"Let's do it again!" sex can be amazing, since your body's already warmed up and your brain's passion neurons are still firing from the first round. But it's not always easy getting it on again (especially for men), so we offer this advice for sequel sex.

Love Takes Time

Women may be anatomically blessed enough to be ready for a second round right after the first, but men generally need a little time to recuperate. Men in their 20s typically need between five and 30 minutes following their first climax to get excited again, and as men age, that recovery time increases. But don't switch on the television while you're waiting! Stay sexually focused - share kisses, sexy talk, other fun stuff - and let it be known that the night's not over yet.

Stay Connected

Men and women alike are pretty sensitive after hitting that first passion peak. Give your naughty bits a break, but keep your hands busy in other ways. Stay in make-out mode by maintaining body contact and caressing some less-sensitive erogenous zones. Once you've both caught your breath and are settling back down, you can venture south again, slowly working back to touching those hot spots.

Enjoy the Ride

The best part of second-time sex is that it's generally less about just getting off (you did that once already!) and more about enjoying the trip. Don't be surprised, though, if you both experience varying degrees of desire or if both of your bodies seem a little less, uh, excited than they did the first time around. Take little breaks - oral action, deep kissing, etc. - while you're both rebounding.

Make It New

Switch up your second round. If the first time was fast and furious, be slow and sweet. Change up the tempo, the tone or the location. You may find it exciting enough that you're up for round three.

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