Epic Dating Disasters

Early on in a relationship, you prepare for every date with the idea that you want to make a lasting impression. But unfortunately, you can't control everything. Life happens! Dating disasters strike the best of us unexpectedly. If you've ever had an epic fail on a first date...or second, or third...perhaps these memorable mishaps will assure you that you're not alone.

Wet but Not Wild
One female friend met a guy for coffee and was wearing black shorts with Spandex in them in the 90-degree heat of summer. Wanting to impress the guy, but feeling less than confident, she was extremely nervous at the beginning of the date. For some reason, they decided to sit outside.

The extra-strong coffee and the non-breathable polyester-blend pants spelled disaster. As they talked, she could feel the sweat running down her back and soaking into her seat. Trying to figure out how to improve the situation and not finding a solution, her nerves got worse. So did the dripping down her back.

As they got up to leave, she tried to tag along behind him, but he was a gentleman and insisted on holding the door. As she walked out ahead of him, she heard him exclaim, "Whoa! Did you...?" Then he cut himself off. She was so embarrassed, she just waved a goodbye and ran to her car. Needless to say, they did not meet again.

Sticky Situation
When a male friend met a girl at a party and asked her out, he was very excited. They met at a bar after work, and the conversation was going well. As they were chatting, he felt a tickle in his nose and rubbed it with his knuckles. Lo and behold, something white and crusty fell off his nose onto his jeans. Mortified, he brushed it away and felt the stickiness on his fingers. Holy nose riders! Had he had a booger hanging from his honker? For how long?

He and his date kept talking, but he kept turning away to make sure he didn't have any remaining residue in his nostrils. He could hardly concentrate on what his date was saying, so he finally had to escape to the men's room to check out the situation. Whew! All clear!

Newly confident, he suggested that they continue on to another restaurant, and they had a nice, booger-free conversation. All the while, he kept wondering how grossed out she had been. Fortunately, the crusty clinger didn't totally scare her away, and they continued dating. They were even able to laugh about it later.

Wardrobe Malfunction
When you're just beginning to date, going to the pool together is a nerve-wracking situation for most women. Having to be seen in a bathing suit brings all the body-image insecurities to a head. Especially when so many women are sporting bathing suit tops filled to the brim with artificially enhanced beauties.

One gal pal was brave enough to wear a bikini to the pool because she worked out and was pretty confident that her muscular legs and tight tummy were her strong points. She and her date were leaning back in their lounge chairs and having a great conversation when she realized that she'd forgotten to put on sunscreen. She sat up to grab the lotion out of her pool bag, and felt the girls swing free. Her bikini top's strap had busted loose, so to speak! To make matters worse, she was so shocked that she let out a little scream, which caught everyone's attention. As she scrambled to grab the broken strap, everyone was staring at her!

She had no choice but to ask her date to tie the top back together. With the girls newly secured, she bravely turned on her stomach and buried her nose in her magazine for a few minutes. Then her date chivalrously piped up about how hungry he was and asked if she'd like to leave and grab lunch...elsewhere.

Safely in the car, they were able to laugh about the free for all and the thrill she must have given to the rest of the male pool partiers.

The lesson these dating disasters taught my friends is that you'll survive mishaps better if you can laugh at yourself and if your date can too. So if you find yourself up a creek without a paddle on a date, just keep swimming!

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