Fairy Tale Relationships: Promises and Pitfalls

Women often think of fairy tales when they idealize relationships. What about men? Do you sometimes wonder if there's any truth to these romantic scenarios when it comes to real-life relationships?

If you examine the similarities and differences, you might find some strangely familiar situations. Just don't expect them to always lead to a dreamy ending with rainbows and sunshine.

Struck by Ruby Red Lips
Guys, if you find a beautiful girl surrounded by a bunch of adoring guys who act as a protective shield for her, is it realistic to start a relationship? You may be struck by her Snow White-like appearance, but you need to recognize that she's the type of girl who craves attention from a crew of different guys.

Are you going to be happy with her waterskiing with one guy, going out to dinner with another guy, playing tennis with a different guy, going to the movies with still another guy, and calling them all friends? Think about whether you really want to get involved with this male-harem-heading female before you wake her up from her self-indulgent coma.

Transformed from Beast to Beau
Ladies, do you really think that a gruff guy with a rough exterior is a charming prince at heart? So you think that rude behavior and those violent tendencies can be tamed? If he loves you enough, he'll reveal that he's actually a caring, admirable guy, right?

Think again! Once a beast, always a beast. He might take some breaks and apologize for his outbursts, but his wild behavior is so deep-seated that he's not likely to transform into a suitable mate. You don't need a trained pet, but you do need a self-disciplined, humane sweetheart.

Raised by a Witch
If a woman has been raised by an evil-stepmother-type figure, what kind of self-esteem issues do you think this sweet Cinderella will have?

Yeah, she may have a lot of experience cooking and cleaning and waiting on her family members. But, guys, don't you really want a woman who stands up for herself and enjoys letting loose once in a while?

Should you seriously consider whisking this poor little miss away in your carriage? Or should you let her go through some fairy-godmother-type therapy for a while before you decide?

Lured to Let Him In
The Rapunzel scenario is another interesting one. A man notices a beautiful woman and tricks her into letting him into her bedroom. When a guy resorts to sneaky tactics to meet you and get you into bed, beware!

If he's lying to you from the start to get your attention, what's he going to do down the road when he makes mistakes or gets bored with your relationship? Do you think he'll suddenly become honest?

Don't let down your hair--or your guard--for a faker. You need a real man who can woo you straight up.

Captivated by a Story
Although we all grew up hearing and watching fairy tales, the best real-life relationships catch you by surprise. They're unique and full of interesting twists and turns. In reality, dream guys and girls have their own particular quirks and don't fit the stereotypes in romantic tall tales.

So, write your own story and let the plot develop in its own way. Who knows? The main characters (you and your sweetheart) might reach an unexpected climax that you never could have imagined in your happily-ever-after dream world.

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