Five Early Clues That This Could Be 'The One'

Lust is so easy to recognize. But real, honest-to-goodness, found-The-One love? Well, that's a little trickier. Fortunately, we've got five early clues that this could be it.

Serious Sign #1: You Make Each Other Laugh

It's more than just that you're having fun with each other. When you really get each other's sense of humor, you forge a closer connection. And being able to joke around means you'll be able to take the edge off future fights.

Serious Sign #2: You Fight Fair

When you do spar, you'll resolve your rifts quickly without slinging mud. Even when you've found The One, you'll still fight, get mad, and want to give up or throw things. So it's a good sign when your priority is not to be right, but to resolve your issues fairly, kiss and makeup, and start all over again.

Serious Sign #3: Your Friends Like Him

A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that a woman's friends could predict the fate of a relationship better than the man's pals, or even the couple themselves. So, go ahead and rely on your friends and family to provide useful advice on your relationship.

Serious Sign #4: You're Still You

It's easy to lose yourself in lust. But for real love to take place, you still have to be yourself, living your own life, with your own separate interests and dreams. Are you able to be yourself around your sweetie (or do you find yourself biting your tongue to keep from saying something you know will be met with disapproval)? It takes trust to be able to reveal your not-so-good side. Have you got it?

Serious Sign #5: Sex Is A Good Thing, But Not the Only Thing

It's not shallow to expect good chemistry and sexual attraction. But for this to be The Real Thing, you'd better have more going on than that. Do you spend much time with your sweetie standing up (shower sex does not count) or are all your dates held in the bedroom? If you can have a conversation that goes beyond "oh, yes, do that again," you'll have a better chance of achieving something serious.

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