What Freaks Him Out in Bed

When it comes right down to it, men only really have one major turn-off. And that's when you make him feel like less than the big, strong man that (he thinks) he is. But some of your traditional bedroom tricks might be just the masculinity-melting moves that freak him out.

Coming On Too Strong

Sure, it's sexy to be confident and creative, but trotting out the entire Kama Sutra every time is exhausting. Your man will tire of trying to keep up and may even wonder if you need those triple-X trappings to be excited by him. Make nice and give your handcuffs a night off.

Getting Ex-Rated

A surefire turnoff? Saying anything about your ex. Ever. You can tell your new bed buddy which of your buttons to push without letting him know just how you found out what positions take you to G-spot glory. No matter how mundane the detail you mention, all he'll hear you say is, "Look how great my ex is!"

Giving the Silent Treatment

If you're offering no feedback on his passion performance, he'll second-guess his seduction moves and probably pull back. You're in this thing together, remember? When you're not moaning and screaming it up, he wonders if you're even into it at all.

Having a Staring Problem

Yeah, soul-gazing seems sexy to you, but burning into his retinas for too many long minutes makes him seriously uncomfortable. All that meaningful eye contact feels too direct to him and puts on the pressure to perform. Though you may just be trying to express your innermost emotions with your eyes alone, he'll just wonder, "Am I not doing this right?"

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