5 Secrets to Making Him More Romantic

Did you man stop romancing you sometime after your seventh date? Or maybe he's always been love-challenged?

It's not as hopeless as it seems. You can teach a man to be more romantic, if you're willing to try this advice.

No time to be subtle.

If your anniversary or birthday is big deal to you, say so. Preferably with exact ideas for the gifts and activities that would really make you swoon. Print out directions to that swanky restaurant with the number to call for reservations if you have to. Yeah, it kills the mystery, but wouldn't you rather get what you want than be "surprised" with another gift certificate to the local bowling alley?

But don't be a dictator.

Be upfront about your desires, but stop short of writing up a list of romance demands. The idea is to give pointers, not orders. Suggest that a romantic stroll in the park might be nice, but let him come up with the picnic menu. If you don't tell him every detail, he has a chance to come up with his own personal surprises.

Set a good example.

Want little love notes? Leave him some. Wish he'd rub your tired tooties? Offer to give him a backrub. Setting an example is a good start to showing him what a romantic relationship looks like, but it's often not enough. You need his brain to make the connection between "hey, this feels good" and "hey, I bet it would feel good to her, too." Encourage reciprocity.

Let the games begin.

Instead of watching him and his buddies see who can chug more beer, stoke his competitive streak in a more romantic arena. Casually mention how jealous you are when a friend's boyfriend surprises her with a weekend getaway. Or remark how great his friend treats his wife. At least it's one competition you'll get more out of than fantasy football.

Provide an incentive.

Still can't feel the love? Make a timeless trade: one romantic act from him grants one of his favorite sexual acts from you. Underhanded? Maybe, but at least you know it works.

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