His Biggest Bedroom Fears Revealed

Who's afraid of the big, bad…woman? He is! Sure, he might look assured, but underneath that macho exterior are numerous getting-naked-together insecurities. What's got him spooked?

How do I look?

Turns out you're not the only one anxious that your body isn't good enough or that it won't function the way it's supposed to. He worries that you won't be appropriately enamored of his size (though his concerns are more about being too small, rather than looking too big), his shape, and his stamina.

Am I getting the job done?

Even if everything looks and works the way he wants it to, he knows he's still only got a fifty-fifty chance of being able to figure out what pleases you. What if he fails? What if you're faking it? What if you spend the entire time fantasizing about your ex (you know, the one with the legendary package)? Does it look like you're faking it? What if he's not kinky, or refined, or experienced enough for you? How can he tell if you're faking it?!?

What if something terrible happens?

What if the condom breaks? Jeez, what if the bed breaks?! What if he accidentally hurts you? Or himself? Is his underwear clean? Or someone walks in during the act? Or his dog jumps up on the bed at an inopportune moment? No matter how secure he is in himself and with you, there are still countless other things that can go wrong. And he's thinking about all of them.

Is this some kind of a trick?

One of the biggest — though perhaps less obvious fears — is what sex means to the relationship. As soon as you get naked together, will you get all serious about "where this relationship is going?" Deep down, every man worries that the sex is just been the means to trap him into the relationship. Once you've got him where you want him, you'll start withholding sex as punishment, or worse, pull the sexual rug out from under him completely.

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