Impressed or Distressed? The Downside of Dating

Oh, no, nooooo! Have you ever had a dating disaster that left you feeling sick to your stomach? Embarrassment has amazing staying power.

My good friend likes to share her dating woes and wins with me. Like most story tellers, she loves to exaggerate. However, some of her stories actually turn out to be true. Judge for yourself whether these are tall tales or true confessions.

Paper Trail
My friend went to an outdoor concert and had a few beers. She had to go to the bathroom and the only available spot was a line of porta-potties. Her cell rang while she was finishing up, so she completed her bathroom transaction one-handed.

As she returned to the concert area talking on the phone, someone came up behind her and pointed out that she had a long piece of toilet paper hanging from the back of her jeans. She turned to look and her date was laughing uncontrollably. Mortified, she walked away and never talked to the guy again.

Wardrobe Malfunction
Another time my pal was just beginning to date a guy who had a boat. They went out on the waterway in bathing suits but the wind picked up and she had to put on warmer clothes on top. When she had to use the nonexistent ladies' room, she prepared to jump in the water. Taking off the sweat clothes, she accidentally peeled off her bathing suit top at the same time.

Can you say overexposed? She was not nearly ready to get naked with this guy, but the wardrobe malfunction left him with a clear view of her assets and her with a blushing reminder to wear a one-piece next time.

Naked Attraction
The most shocking dating disaster she had was when she had met a friend of a friend for a date and brought him back to her house for a drink. He saw that she had a guitar, and asked if he could play her a song. She said sure, told him to make himself comfortable and headed to the kitchen for a bottle of wine.

When she returned, the guy had certainly made himself comfortable—too comfortable. He was sitting on the sofa—the only place she had to sit—buck naked with the guitar on his lap.

What did she do then? Funny thing, I never got the full story on that one.

By listening to all my friend's stories, however, I've learned that dating involves expecting the unexpected—and rolling with it. When you encounter such courtship calamities, you've got nowhere to go but up, right?

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