Improve His Bedroom Technique

In a perfect world, every guy would automatically have instant, intuitive knowledge of exactly what women want in bed.

But as we all know, that's not the case (hey, we're all different, after all). He needs guidance: guy-friendly, ego-preserving, explicit instructions.

Here's how to give them.

Lesson 1: Novelty

He'll probably notice if you suddenly pan a signature sex move you've pretended to rave about in the past. But if you switch everything up in your usual routine - a new location or time of day, for example - you'll set the stage for experimentation, allowing you to casually suggest the moves you really crave.

Lesson 2: Delivery

Delivery is everything here: It's not what you say; it's how you say it. Instead of couching things in an ego-crushing pout ("Can't you do it this way?"), deliver a sexy, bold command ("Do me like this!") and he'll think it's part of the fun.

Lesson 3: Body Language

Suspect he can't really hear you? You're close to the truth. The verbal center of his brain nearly shuts down when he's doing the deed. So "speak" to him in the only language he really understands: your body. Demonstrate the moves you need, and he'll pick up quickly.

Lesson 4: Recap

Think of it as ESPN for your sex life, and hit him with a post-coital highlight reel. After a particularly passionate romp, review the highlights a few days later. Remind him of a specific move that really scored, and you'll reinforce all his right moves...and let him know he leaves a lasting memory.

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