Is Your Online Man Married?

Online dating websites are fast becoming a great place to meet a mate. But because the web is also a great place to pretend to be something you're not, those sites are also a great place to meet someone else's mate.

Want to avoid some married guy's line? Just follow this advice.

Read His Profile Carefully

Be suspicious of photo-free profiles, or pictures that are grainy, blurry and otherwise impossible to make out. Is he just camera-shy, or would he rather the millions of people online - some of whom surely know his wife - not be able to see him? Also cruise for keywords: "casual," "discreet" and "separated" (which, to him, sounds like less of a lie than saying he's single).

Gauge His Candidness

Is he comfortable giving out his phone number? Do you only have his cell phone number, or does he tell you to only call him at work? Beware the guy who gives you a lot of rules about when and how you can communicate. Ditto the guy who never invites you to his place, introduces you to family or friends, or who's only available at weird times.

Be Suspicious About His Sex Drive

Makes sense that if he's a cheating scumbag, sex will be his primary interest. Be careful if provocative conversation comes up early - usually by the first phone conversation or first date, and if he seems less interested in getting to know each other in other ways.

Protect Yourself from the Losers

Keep your own profile from being lecherous bastard bait by keeping it free of too much suggestive language (which may attract the wrong people). You don't have to sound stuffy, but you want to avoid sounding needy or desperate. Use keywords like "honesty" and "integrity."

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