Kissing 101: How to Get the Mouth Moves You Want

Kissing is a necessary life skill - like learning how to balance a checkbook or drive a car with a manual transmission. Unfortunately, kissing wasn't covered in your basic accounting or driver's ed classes and that means sometimes we get stuck with a sweetheart whose smooching could use a little improvement.

If your honey's kisses could use a little correcting, try our advice for perfecting their pucker.

Take Charge

When your sweetie moves in for a smooch, put your hands on each cheek to guide them in. They'll think you're just being romantic, but you're really going to control the amount of pressure and motion of their kiss. You can keep a jackhammer kisser from pounding away and the feels-like-they're-sucking-you-in smoochers at bay in one sweet move.

Play a Game

Turn your regular lip-locking sessions into a game of "follow the leader." You'll kiss them one way and they'll kiss you back that same way. Then switch. You can also try another mirroring exercise by asking your kissing partner to demonstrate what it feels like to be kissed by you.

Tell a Story

Got great communication skills? Remind your honey about a great kiss (or even a dream about a great kiss) you've shared. Make sure to use plenty of juicy details about how hot it made you and what made it so steamy. Then be sure to show them exactly how that sexy smooch played out.


Hey, you need oxygen if you want to start a fire, right? Deep breathing - and all the sexy moans and sighs that come with it - will enhance your pleasure and will give your kisser feedback.

Hand Out Rewards

Speaking of feedback... never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement. When your sweetie smooches you just right, do it back the same way and demonstrate just how good it feels to them, too. Pile on the praise for the kind of canoodling you crave.

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