Love After Forty

As you get older, it gets a little more difficult -- and even scary -- to meet people you would enjoy dating. Sometimes it seems like everyone you know is married, in a long-term relationship or busy with children and families. However, there are single people out there, you just need to know how to find them. If you are looking for someone, try to not let yourself get set in your ways. Be open to new activities -- and people -- you may never have considered in your past. Here are a few tips to help you find love after forty:

... Get yourself out of the house: If you're not meeting new people, you need to look at your habits. Sitting in front of the television night after night is not going to help you find anyone. Make the effort to get yourself out of the house and in a social setting at least two or three nights a week.

... Join activities you think you might enjoy: Look into clubs in your city or town. Learn how to kayak or how to cook. Don't join a group just because you think it's the best way to meet someone special -- that smacks of desperation. Join something because you're truly interested in learning a new skill. Your enthusiasm will make you all the more popular among your peers.

... Explore the Internet: Think online dating is only for the younger crowd? Not so. There are plenty of sites that cater directly to the forty or fifty and older demographic. Of course, you have to be a little streetwise in your selections, but there are plenty of great people out there who are learning to use their computers as a way to meet others.

... Don't follow old rules: Don't wait for a formal introduction, just go right up to the person you want to talk to and say hello. And ladies, feel free to ask men out this time around. The more opportunities you give yourself to initiate conversation, the more you may find yourself on a date.

... Be open to possibilities: The older you get, the more you should realize that chemistry is possible between all sorts of people. Don't look just for someone young who has never been married; don't go only for brunettes. Be realistic with yourself and think about what you want emotionally out of a relationship.

... Join an age-appropriate singles' group: Again, there are singles' groups in every metropolitan area that attract a slightly older crowd. According to Tom Blake, author of "Middle Aged" and "Dating Again," singles' volunteer groups are a very popular way to meet people while also helping out your community.

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