Immersed in Your New Love? Come Up for Air!

When you fall into lust with a new sweetheart, it's easy to go all in, investing all your time and energy into the relationship. It feels so good that you don't want to do anything else, right?

This is natural, but you have to fight that instinct. Think about your friends who've gotten sucked into the new relationship abyss and disappeared for a while. Is that who you want to be?

No matter how exciting and enticing your new lover is, be careful not to drown in your infatuation. Come up for air once in a while so that you can start the relationship on a healthier footing.

Preserve Your Independence
If you spend all your time together, you can lose touch with what's important to you. Of course, you want to know what matters to your sweetie, but don't you also want your lover to know what makes you tick?

Master the Mysterious
Besides nurturing your independence, you should maintain some mystery early on in the relationship. If you put it all out there from the start, you're not recognizing the love of the chase. Both men and women have it. You love a challenge!

Assert Your Value
Confidence is a big factor in attraction. If you exude confidence and show you're busy with other aspects of your life, your sweetheart will recognize what you already know--you're a valuable catch. You want to be with someone who wants you, but you also want to know that your partner is willing to make an effort to win your affection.

Nurture Your Support System
Besides maintaining some allure, you'll be wise to maintain your friendships. Friends see you through the thick and thin of relationships or the lack thereof. Be a true friend and spend time together even when you've got a new sweetheart. Encourage your lover to do the same. You'll be more excited to link up when you've re-energized with friends and been able to brag a bit about your new babe.

Beware of Boredom
Then there's the unspoken danger--boredom. If you spend nonstop days and nights together in bed, you're more likely to view the relationship and even the sex as monotonous. Keep doing what makes you desirable--exercise, creative activities, socializing with friends and family--and you'll keep being desirable to your sweetie.

In other words, it's natural to spend time getting to know each other and reveling in the excitement of your new love. But while you're doing these things with your new lust-bucket, keep doing you! You'll both be happier in the long run.

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