4 Things He Doesn't Want to Talk About - Ever

Guys get a bad rap for being terrible listeners. But it isn't always his fault when he tunes out your yakking. Some topics are just man-repellant.

Are you boring him with one of these only-female-friendly topics?

What He's Doing Wrong in the Sack

You think it's just good-natured kidding, but he finds your little jokes about his size or staying power neither funny nor cute. Guys just don't have a sense of humor about some things. This is one of them.

Celebrity Gossip

Men just can't wrap their minds around the importance of Jen's latest beau or how many kids Angelina and Brad have. He drifts in and out of your celebrity chatter, occasionally thinking, "Do we know these people?" But evolutionary psychologists say we're wired to read the gossip rags, because Stone Age minds want to monitor how our clan is faring. So maybe you're just more (or would it be less?) evolved than he is.

Your Food and Body Image Issues

Save it for your girlfriends. He doesn't even think you need to lose those 10 pounds, let alone want to hear about whatever crazy diet you're planning on doing it with. And while you're at it, could you please stop with the "Does this make me look fat?" talk?

Other People's Relationships

You're not nosy - you're just informed! Many women have a natural need to know what's going on around them. But while you're updating him on the latest drama amongst your friends, he's wondering what you're telling others about him.

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