Men's Top Sexual Complaints About Women

Men and women are two totally different creatures. There are a few complaints that men usually have about women, some of which are listed below.

Women are not kinky enough. Plain old vanilla sex is fun but women need to remember that it's okay to get a little crazy now and then. Try something different. Men are more turned on by the forbidden.

Women think it's rude when we nap post-climax. Orgasms differ between men and women, and a man's orgasm uses much more energy. We release hormones when we climax. Did you ever consider the possibility that you've simply worn us out?

We don't give you enough foreplay. This may be true, but you need to tell us when you want more and what you want. Men are usually ready to listen -- especially if you say it in a naughty voice -- and we will cooperate. We've got you in bed, more than likely at least partially nude...don't get shy now.

There is no such thing as sex without some form of a commitment. Yes, men are like animals. Sometimes we really just want sex -- no intimacy, no promise of a phone call tomorrow. It seems that even when we can find a "friend" who wants nothing but sex, even she gets upset when we don't call her.

More frequency, please! How can women last so long without sex? Months can go by and they feel nothing. No urge, no boredom sex, no mention of it. I will never understand this phenomenon.

Men always have to make the first move. This applies to relationships, dancing, and sex. Put yourselves on the line. Show us your confidence. A strong woman is sexy.

Women get upset when we can't understand their anatomy. Let's make a comparison: men's bodies and women's bodies. I think I've made my point. Look at how complex your bodies are compared to ours. The mystery only holds our attention for so long. Do you want us to understand it? Give us lessons. If we act out you can give us detention.

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