Men's Secret Erogenous Zones

It doesn't take a lot to turn a guy on. Quiet, suggestive whispers, a hand on his thigh while he's driving, even a suggestive smile will do the trick sometimes! If you're in the mood to turn him on with something new, try focusing on the areas listed below.

Keep in mind that during your intimate moments, most guys won't have a problem with you exploring his body. Of course, the best way to discover hidden sensitive areas is to find them yourself, but the zones listed below will give you some starting points.

His face. The next time you two are kissing, try touching his face. Running your soft palms along his cheeks will give him a sensory thrill - and get a response that you will like. Touching his lips between kisses is especially thought-provoking.

His thighs. A man's thighs are sensitive. Women often rest their hands on their boyfriend's thighs when he's driving or sitting together on the couch. Incorporate a little thigh massage into your intimate moments and watch the sparks fly!

His scalp. Everyone knows that when a woman runs her fingers through a man's hair, it feels great. Take that sexy feeling one step further and massage his scalp. The scalp has a million nerve endings, and his are waiting for your touch.

His chest. Rubbing your hands on a man's chest not only allows you to touch his sensitive skin and feel his heartbeat, it makes him feel protective and strong. Slowly kissing from his neck to his belly button will turn him on like crazy. Be prepared for the consequences!

The skin. The largest organ in the body - his skin - is an erogenous zone all to itself. Light touches and gentle strokes are all it takes to make him tingle. Try running your hands down his back and around his sides, slowly and deliberately. You'll soon agree that the skin is a man's largest erogenous zone.

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