4 Things Your New Girlfriend Lied About

Lying is as much a part of dating and relationships as is kissing or hand-holding. From your earliest dates you probably exaggerated or out-right lied about something, be it your interest in opera or your worry about her sick cat.

That's why we can say with so much confidence that your new girlfriend has already lied to you about a couple of things already. Like what, you ask? Well, here's a start.

Her Many Men

If you're dumb enough to ask how many sexual partners she's had, at least be smart enough to know she's going to lie when she answers. Why? She knows that there is no good response. Too high a number and she looks indiscriminate. Too low and she seems prudish or inexperienced. So she probably picked a number that seems like a safe one.

Her Love of Sports/Action Movies/Your Boring Hobby

She knew when you started dating that having common interests was key to winning your heart. So she might have exaggerated her love of the Yankees or her passion for fly fishing. A little embellishment is harmless (it's not like you were completely honest in your expressed enthusiasm for French cinema, right?), but be cautious if she seems to love every single thing you do - and has no outside interests of her own.

How Much She Loves Your Friends

If she wants to be a part of your life, she knows she needs to accept even your most offensive friends. (And, c'mon, even you can admit some of them can be annoying at times). You probably hid your frustration with some of her friends, too. Just know eventually she'll tell you exactly what she thinks of your old frat-party pals.

How She "Doesn't Usually Do This"

Did she "let" you seduce her on the first date? Were you able to "convince her" to try that raunchy position you love? Did she tell you how she "never does this" ? Yeah, right. Here's the truth: she has done this (whatever it is) and probably more than once. Try to forget that and just be glad she's doing it with you now.

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