Are You Over Your Break-Up?

You've lived all the clichéd post-break-up moments -- lonely nights with a pint of ice cream (or porn, if you're a guy), drunken nights out with sympathetic friends, a few teary midnight phone calls to your ex.

Up ahead, you sense the recognition that it's really over and time to move on. Some signs you ready to rejoin the land of the living.

Movin' On Move #1: You can think about something else for a change.

Right after the break-up, it was all you could think about. It was the first thought that popped into your head upon waking up, and the last one to haunt you before falling asleep. While it's still completely normal to think of your ex sometimes, you're getting over it, if your recovery is no longer defining your life.

Movin' On Move #2: You can see clearly now.

Remember how dull everything seemed post-break-up? Every song sounded like it was in a minor key, every color just a different shade of gray. Even ice cream couldn't taste as sweet. You know you're healing when it feels like you're coming out of the fog.

Movin' On Move #3: You have a new (or newly rediscovered) interest.

Once you got tired of crying, you threw yourself into a new hobby (and no, we don't mean moping, drinking yourself into oblivion, or getting obsessed over reality dating shows). Finding a new passion - finally trying out that pottery class, taking up a new sport - will help heal your bruised ego--and give you a new reason to get up in the mornings.

Movin' On Move #4: You're feeling fortunate.

Okay, so you're not going to feel on top of the world every day, but you should have by now reclaimed the feeling that life is still pretty darn good. Still no light at the end of your tunnel? Try distracting yourself from your heartache by volunteering to help those less fortunate - a surefire plan to make you feel grateful.

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