4 Signs You've Met Your Perfect Match

Sure, there are the ostentatious ways that show your love is real - jewelry, big proclamations, sappy love songs. While those clichéd grand gestures of love sound good in theory, frankly, our feet hurt just thinking about those long walks on the beach talking about our hopes and dreams.

The good news is that there are plenty of other - less cheesy - ways to tell your love is lasting...without getting sand in your toes.

Perfect Match Point #1: You Fight Fair.

It's not whether or not you fight - because you will - it's how you do it. Do either of you resort to down-and-dirty fighting tactics (getting defensive, name-calling, etc.)? Do you catch yourself rolling your eyes at him or smirking at something she said? When you're super-close it's easy to know exactly what buttons to push, but condescending to each other shows a basic lack of respect that will undermine your union. Even when you've found The One, you'll still fight, get mad and want to give up or throw things. So it's a good sign when your priority is not to be right, but to resolve your issues fairly...and kiss and make up.

Perfect Match Point #2: Your Friends Dig Him/Her.

Meeting the family may feel like the real test, but for modern couples friends carry much more weight. A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that a woman's friends could predict the fate of a relationship better than the man's pals or even the couple themselves. Why? Probably because - unlike your family - you choose your friends, and they're a reflection of who you are.

Perfect Match Point #3: You Don't Freak Out About the Future.

It can be a new-couple crisis the first time one of you mentions casually "We should go to Costa Rica next summer," then freezes, panicked that your new partner will be wondering if you should be planning next year when you don't even know if you'll make it to next week. But if you can both mention a shared future without flinching, you've crossed into a new level of couplehood: You both feel stable in the relationship.

Perfect Match Point #4: You're a Team Even When It's Tough.

Sure, once you've been together awhile you navigate from thinking "what am I doing this weekend" to "what are we doing this weekend." But that's kid stuff compared to whether you still think in terms of "we" even when the going gets tough. If your date wants to leave a party early, and you don't, do you happily say goodbye and stick together? Or do you get annoyed and want to stay? Do you consider your sweetheart's schedule when planning your own? That's when you know you're really ready to merge lives.

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