5 Places to Avoid on Your First Date

Are we clicking? Am I talking too much? Am I not talking enough? Am I attractive?

You have enough to worry about on your first date without realizing that the locale is putting your romance on the rails. Here's where you shouldn't meet for your first date and why.

First Date Fail #1: Family Functions

To summarize: too much pressure. Your date is already worried about having to impress you; it's too much to ask that he or she also have to wow your friends and family. Besides, do you want to field all those nosy questions about your "relationship" and grandbaby-making plans? Didn't think so.

First Date Fail #2: Pick-Up Spots

Loud clubs and sleazy bars are a no-no. Alcohol might smooth things along, but shouting over loud music and deflecting lame come-ons from singletons on the prowl can make your early dates awkward. If you really need to knock back a few to feel comfortable, go with a wine bar or upscale beer garden.

First Date Fail #3: Movies

Classic it may be, but no one has ever been struck dumb with lust after sitting through two-hours of heavy explosives and mowing down a vat of popcorn. At best, you spend an entire evening learning exactly nothing about each other. At worst, you have to sit through an embarrassing sex scene with someone you hardly know.

First Date Fail #4: Beaches/Pool Parties

Maybe you both profess a love for "long walks on the beach," but save it until you know each other a little better. It can be agonizing enough to find the perfect first date outfit without having to stress over getting into your bathing suit.

First Date Fail #5: Sports

Unless you've already bonded over your shared obsession for a given team or sport, avoid venues that encourage so much screaming and beer guzzling. Think your date will still want to see you naked after being eye-to-paunch with that dude with the painted beer gut for four quarters?

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