What Men/Women Really Want in a Relationship

Ask almost any woman what she wants out of a relationship, and she'll most likely click off the following list: emotional connection, trust, romance, intelligent conversation and happiness. And what do men want most in a relationship? Many men would say hearty sex, a good friendship, dependable behavior, witty banter and laughter. Men may be more vocal about desiring a beautiful partner and a lot of sex, while women emphasize the emotional aspects. But men and women would agree that the same components are desirable in a healthy relationship. Here are what both men and women want most from each other:

Regular sex and/or physical affection: Men and women equally desire physical attention and a strong active chemistry from their partners.

A sense of comfort: Everyone wants to feel free to be him or herself in a relationship. While there might be some posturing going on to get that first date, ultimately, you want to feel comfortable in your own skin around your partner.

Trust: If you're sharing your life with someone, you have to believe that person would never do anything to harm you, physically or emotionally. People are often willing to overlook other nagging grievances as long as there is trust.

Appreciation: No one wants to be taken for granted. What people - both men and women - often say they want most in a relationship is to feel loved and needed.

Inspiration to be a better person: It's often not enough just to be loved - people generally want a partner who inspires them to be great.

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