Relationship Games You Should Play

Not all relationship "games" are bad. In fact, many couples therapists use fun exercises to bring couples closer. Ready to play? Then let the games begin.

Couples Contest #1: Twenty Questions

When you first started dating, you probably spent a lot of time just talking as you got to know each other. Since that tends to stop as our relationship progresses, this old stand-by game can be a good way to keep you connected. Just ask open-ended questions — and try to think of good, creative ones to make the game even more revealing. Bet you learn at least one new thing.

Couple's Contest #2: To Tell The Truth…

In this game, both you and your sweetheart write down four things about yourself that are true, and one that's a (believable) lie. Then compare, trying to figure out which one is the fib. In addition to the possibility of learning new truths about each other, figuring out just how skilled a liar your lover is, and how good both of you are at distinguishing the truth from a lie, this exercise can open a discussion on honesty (and dishonesty) in your relationship.

Couples Contest #3: Gonna Sit Myself Down and Write Myself a Letter…

Here you'll both write a love (or sex) letter that you'd like to receive from your partner. Say all the things you wish your lover would say to you, being as sexy or romantic as you'd like. Then swap letters and read them aloud. You'll find out what — if anything — your partner feels is missing in your relationship and get a better sense of just what really turns them on. Bonus points for acting them out!

Couples Contest #4: What Am I, A Mind Reader?

Together, come up with a few big questions. Things like what makes you happy, what's best about your relationship, what you want out of life and your union. Think big picture. Answer what you think your partner will say, and then get their own answer. How closely do they match? This game will show you how well you really know each other, and invite a conversation on how best to make those dreams come true.

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