Are You Really Too Busy to Get Busy?

When life gets busy, your bedroom time can be hard to come by. And if that choice of words doesn't get your imagination going in the necessary direction, then you need to make a serious effort to shake up your love life!

If you find that you're lacking lust in your relationship these days, maybe you need to set some reminders on your calendar. Believe it or not…scheduling can actually be sexy!

Getting Hot and Heavy
Yes, there are many couples who say they really don't mind putting their physical relationship on the back burner. But that's a good way to let your relationship go cold and stale. Get real! Lust is an important component of long-term love.

If you tell yourself that making time for making nookie is more trouble than it's worth, then you and your partner need to rethink your priorities. Your physical bond is the cement that can keep your emotional bond strong. You should never be too busy to get busy!

So try some more-frequent flirting and you just might find that you pump up the passion in surprising ways. Making an effort to have more regular make-out sessions doesn't have to feel like work. It can be hot and heavy fun!

Doing Some Creative Planning
So when's a good time to squeeze in alone time with your mate on your calendar? First, you need to figure out when each of you is most likely to be in the mood—or when it's even possible to get together and get lucky.

If you're a morning person, then setting the alarm a half hour or so earlier once or twice a week might do the trick. If you're a night owl, then you might get your lover to agree to a midnight wake-up call on certain days.

If you've got children in school, you might need to think creatively. If your weekday work schedules allow, you could meet for a super-satisfying lunch at home once or twice a week. Who needs food when you can fool around? Can you say "just desserts"?

Counting the Hours
Scheduling sounds like a boring way to jump start your extra-curricular bedroom activities. But it can actually build anticipation. If you know when the thrills are coming, you might find yourself waiting not so patiently.

So stop saying that your so-so situation is unavoidable. If you want to go the distance with your relationship, don't short-change your physical desires anymore. When you give your imagination a chance to run wild, you just might decide that your tame togetherness is too lame. Try relighting the spark and stop being left out in the dark!

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