Are You Living the Dream?

Some of us stay in unfulfilling relationships for a sense of security, the kids, financial fears or maybe just because we don't want to upend our whole lives. Some of us stay in relationships with no physical thrills for years and years. And some of us stay together because the sex is so good, even though lots of other aspects of the relationship are so bad.

No matter what you tell yourself, staying when there's more working against your happiness than working for it is simply settling. You're saying you don't believe that there's someone out there who will want you enough to give you more…to give it all.

The Real Deal
Maybe you're afraid to hold out for someone who can give you the whole package: friendship, companionship, a sense of security, emotional connection, physical satisfaction, consideration and most of all love.

Sometimes your friends will ask you why you're settling. They'll tell you how awesome you are and how your sweetheart isn't sweet enough for you.

And you'll think they're misreading your mate. You'll think they're expecting your relationship to be like theirs.

Wanting More
But maybe they're really not. Maybe they're hoping you won't make the same mistakes they're making.

Maybe they care about you and know that you deserve more. And they're afraid to look at themselves and see what they're not getting.

Anyway, a relationship where you're not getting what you need can feel like a dead-end street. Maybe you've grown comfortable having someone so-so to count on. But deep caring and daily companionship are two very different things.

If you're living in that world, you're likely giving more than you're getting. You're forgetting what it feels like to be free to be yourself with someone who truly gets you and gives as much as they take.

If you'd rather be living the dream, then let go of your snoozing situation and embrace your fantasy. Value yourself more…don't settle for chemistry-lacking companionship or for emotionally empty lust. Hold out for the whole package!

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