Lessons in Sexual Geography

Often it's the anticipation of a sensational sexual experience that elevates a night of adequate lovemaking to a night of steamy passion. And all you need to build that anticipation is -- literally -- right at your fingertips.

Lavishing a little attention on your lover's erogenous zones - those sensitive areas of the body that create intense sexual arousal when stimulated - can make the difference between a night that's 'ho-hum' or 'hot damn!'.

Not sure how to start heating things up? Just take a lesson in learning sexual geography.

  1. Explore. Treat your lover's body like an uncharted new territory and take a tantalizingly long time to discover every curve and rise in the topography. Gauge your lover's reaction - sometimes as obvious as them telling you what feels good, but sometimes as subtle as monitoring a sudden change in breathing - on your journey. The skin itself is the largest sensory organ for both men and women, so don't over look any parts where nerves lie close to it. You may be surprised to find your lover thrills to you tickling their inner wrist, or lightly caressing their eyelid.

  2. Mix It Up. Don't limit your travels to just touching. Vary your means of contact and pressure as you learn the lay of your lover's landscape. Let your whole body get in on the fun. Lick here, kiss there, stroke this, lightly caress that. If the mood strikes you, go all out and experiment with a few touchy-feely props, such as feathers, scarves, or ice. Vary what you touch, and when, to keep your partner from getting desensitized in a particular spot and to spark the tension of wondering where you'll tease them next.

  3. Get Therapeutic. According to the principles of acupressure, the body is made up of interconnected channels, or meridians, that control how well as specific organ works. By stimulating the muscles in the channel, the corresponding body parts will liven up with increased blood flow. While the Chinese use this theory for medical reasons, you can skip right to its pleasure powers by stimulating the areas along the spleen meridian, which runs from your big toe to your groin to your chest.

  4. Don't Overlook Your #1 Moan Zone. No, not that one. We're talking about your brain. Talking with your lover about how and where you'd like to be touched can often be as steamy as the act itself. Stimulating your partner's mind - and your own - with sexy thoughts and fantasies is the ultimate turn-on.

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