Five Sexy Movies to Rent

After cooking your date a great dinner and lighting up the fireplace, are you looking for a movie that will keep you warm but not put you to sleep? Porn just doesn't have the plot lines going for it, nor is it always the best choice in an early relationship. However, mainstream romances can be cheesy at best -- and at this point, everyone's seen 9 ½ Weeks at least that many times by now. But what other commercial movies make sexy date flicks? Here are five that will knock your socks off:

  1. The Lover: When a 27-year-old Chinese man and a teenage French girl meet on a boat in 1929 Indochina, they begin a devastating love affair. He's truly in love; she's only sexually intrigued until she realizes she might lose him.

  2. The Pillow Book: Calligrapher played by Ewan McGregor practices his art upon his lover's body.

  3. Y Tu Mama Tambien: Two teenage boys in Mexico embark upon a wild road trip with an older woman who teaches them a thing or two about the mechanics of love.

  4. Chocolat: A mother and her young daughter open a chocolate shop in a small French village. Their product, long considered to be an aphrodisiac, melts the hearts of the conservative citizens.

  5. Amelie: A feel-good romance that takes place in a digitally cleaned-up Paris. This movie will make you fall in love with everything and everyone in your vicinity.

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