So What if You Got Dumped?

It has happened to all of us. Things are going just fine with your new partner and then - you get dumped. Every person has experienced being dumped in one way or another, and it never gets easier on the heart or the ego. I can tell you that a broken heart will eventually mend. I can also tell you that the healthiest way to recover from being dumped is to use your time wisely.

Take a look at your surroundings. Where is your life going? Are you on the right career path, path to owning your own home, or other lifelong pursuit? Newly single people will rejoice in newfound freedom, and this freedom could be used to take stock in what you do have and can have, not what you have lost.

Catch up with your friends - or get more. Your friends miss you! Give them a call. It's no is human nature to hook up with someone and become so involved with them that you seem to forget about everything, including your friends. You can't go out with them, as you're tied down. Well, now is the time to call them up and go out. Now is also the time to make new friends, as you might find your Romeo or Juliet among them. Friends can provide you with much needed support and take your mind off of so-and-so.

Try to make peace with your 'dumper.' Making peace with the one who dumped you, although it may be nearly impossible, will help you to move along. Forgiving and forgetting may be really difficult, but resentment will hold you back. Worse yet, it looks pathetic when people go on and on about how much they despise their ex. New prospects are going to hear your bitterness and think you still have feelings for the person who dumped you.

Treat yourself. You have been through a difficult time, and you deserve to be pampered. Take yourself for a massage or a shopping trip. Rent your favorite movies and order a pizza. Live it up, appreciate yourself, and move on!

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