Are You Talking to Me? Or With Me?

When you're out with your-happily-ever-after friends, listen to how they talk. Yes, I know they might sound schmoopy—that way of talking about each other that's sugary sweet and makes you want to vomit. But listen closer.

How does he talk about his weekend plans and future dreams? Is it all we, we, we, or is it I, I, I? If it's the first one, then his sweetie can go wee-wee-wee all the way home! If it's the second one, then she might be saying ay-yi-yi sooner rather than later.

Love Language
The way we talk about our hopes and plans says a lot about who we expect to be living the dream with. It also reveals when we expect to leave them behind so we can go off and chase a new dream.

So listen closely when your darling dearest is at a party and starts talking about her dream trip to Italy. Does she mention the word "we" at all? Or do the details sound more like, "I can't wait to see the museums in Florence and the Colosseum in Rome. I plan to sample the wines in Tuscany and see the breathtaking views of the Amalfi coast."

In or Out
Or if you're in the early days of dating, does he talk about the coming year in a way that leaves room for you? If so, you might hear something like this: "I've got season tickets to the Carolina Panthers games. If you like football, maybe we could go sometime?"

However, if your date's intent on staying single for the foreseeable future, you might hear something different. It might sound like this: "I'm going to a music festival in May, and then my buddies and I are going on a golf trip in July, and then I've got my kickball club all fall." You won't get asked if you like the same kind of music, enjoy golfing or are interested in playing on a kickball team. It's all about numero uno.

So when you're hanging out with your sweetie, choose your words wisely. They can reveal tons about where your head is and how you envision your future. Loving language will let your honey know if you want them to come along on the road trip of your life or if you'd rather keep riding solo.

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