6 Things He Can Teach You About Sex

Maybe it's because we tend to hold a lot of the sexual power in relationships - dictating the when and where and how often - that we think we must also be the experts on how it's done.

We are wrong.

Men actually have plenty to teach us about sex, if we'd just put down our issues of Cosmo long enough to notice. Read on for the top six lessons on lust you can learn from your guy.

Lad Lesson #1: Lose the regrets.

Women will spend hours agonizing over past hook-ups, create complicated mental arguments to justify regrettable romances, even cook up mind-bending equations (total number of guys ÷ number of drinks - forgettable bad kissers...) to come up with an "acceptable" number of bed buddies. Men? They practice the far less neurotic algebraic formula of "Who cares?" What's done is done and there's no sense in wasting time worrying about it now.

Lad Lesson #2: Just Say "Yes"

Being sexy isn't something you trot out once or twice a week for 20 minutes. Time to cut out the tired excuses. Of all the things we motivate ourselves to do every day - work, the gym, laundry, whatever - isn't sex worth being one of them? More sex begets more, and better, sex. Surely that's worth a few extra minutes you'd otherwise spend snoozing.

Lad Lesson #3: Take It Easy.

Getting all worked up and stressed out about having sex makes about as much sense as worrying you're not eating your chocolate cake right. Men tend not to have strict rules about their romps in the sack that women do -- no certain places are off limits to touching, there's no particular position he refuses to try because it makes him look fat. Take a lesson from him and let go a little.

Lad Lesson #4: Be In the Moment

No man is mentally composing the grocery list or running through tomorrow's to-do list when you're on top of him. Maybe it's because he's not particularly helpful around the house, but it's probably just because he's better at being in the moment than you are. Clear your mind of nagging worries and distractions and you'll clear the way for mind-blowing sex.

Lad Lesson #5: No One's Psychic

He never assumes that just because you're a super-connected, crazy-in-love couple that you should be able to read each other's minds. Nor would worry he'd upset your feelings by just saying, "Keep doing that, but an inch to the left." Don't expect him to blindly divine what you want him to do by your gentle sighs and subtle body language.

Lad Lesson #6: Always Assume Satisfaction

Don't take a cross-your-fingers approach to climaxing. Men assume they'll reach their pleasure peak, so why shouldn't you? Call it self-fulfilling prophecy, but if you get under the covers believing sexual nirvana is inevitable, that faith - along with you actively doing whatever you need to do to make it happen - will get you there.

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