Do the Thrills Outweigh the Chills?

If you're feeling like your relationship's not working out for you, but you keep getting pulled back in, what gives? Could it be that you and your sweetie make a bad combination, but the chemistry is keeping you bubbling?

Great sex can be, well, the best! But feeling like your partner doesn't have much else to offer you can be the worst!

So what do you do when you aren't ready to give up the good stuff but the bad stuff is bringing you down? You're going to have to attack this problem from two different fronts.

Shore Up the Weak Spots
First, figure out what's bothering you about your relationship with your honey.

Is it communication? If so, make an effort to talk about your issues together. Seek to understand, not just to complain. The more you talk, the easier it will get to share your feelings.

Could it be that you don't have many interests in common? Think about whether that's fixable. Try some new activities together, or try one of your sweetie's favorite things to do. If you can ignite some mutual passion outside the bedroom, you'll feel better about being together in the daytime.

Or maybe you've got personality differences. If one of you is more Type A, more introverted, or more touchy-feely, then you've got the potential to help balance each other out. Focus on what's good about your sweetie's personality, and try to bring out the best in one another.

Fight the Urge
The second angle for attacking your hot-hum vs. hum-drum problem is to resist the draw of chemistry a bit more. If all you can seem to think about when you're around your honey is getting more of the sweet stuff, then maybe you need to put some distance between you and your private party time. It's hard to think with a clear head when you're all abuzz with endorphins.

Instead of imagining what you're going to do next when you're alone together, head out the door and seek some new kinds of bonding. Having a sweetie who's irresistible is awesome. Having a sweetie who's resisting getting close anywhere but the bedroom is awful.

Respect Yourself
To get the kind of relationship you deserve, you can either strive to build a better relationship or try to distance yourself from the corruptive chemistry.

Be true to yourself! Passion can fade, but lust combined with love can light up your life!

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