Avoidance Gives Problems Room to Grow

My women friends and I often complain about how men tend to avoid...they avoid voicing their feelings, they avoid conflict with women, and most of all they avoid commitment.

That drives us women crazy--and not in a good way!

No Peripheral Vision
But when me and my girls are sitting around venting about this problem, we're also putting blinders on. We don't want to face our own weaknesses while we're whining about our guy problems.

Clearly, women also have lapses in insight. (How else did we end up with those crazy ex-boyfriends?) Even though we often overanalyze our bodies, we might overlook our recent weight gain when we're faced with the choice of exercising in the gym or vegetizing on the sofa.

We also conveniently deny our tendency to hold out in the bedroom department when we're hurt or irritated. Yes, that can happen quite often; we admit it!

Not Embracing Change
Women also sometimes ignore when it's time to leave a bad situation. We make excuses for our man more often than we should. If we're not in the mood for physical intimacy for a year or more, something is seriously not right in our world.

You might tell us we're being overly critical, and we might believe you...if we buy into the avoidance pattern. But we might hold off from telling you what we really think.

No Foundation
Men and women both want to steer clear of confrontation. We want an easy, breezy relationship. But if trouble comes knocking, wouldn't it be better to open the door, face it, and send it away?

Ignoring the wolf at your door is not a tactic that will strengthen the foundation of your relationship. So stop blowing it off and start talking.

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