Romantic Weekend Getaways that Work

Hoping to whisk your lover away for a weekend but sick of nosy bed & breakfast owners? Indulge your partner in a trip that you specifically planned according to his or her desires. Here are a few getaways that are guaranteed to get you together:

Stay in town -- but do it right: Check into an opulent hotel right in your hometown. Before you check in, stop by earlier in the afternoon to fill the room with flowers and chill a bottle of champagne. These little personal touches will set the mood for the weekend.

Luxuriate in a spa: Find a spa that suits your lover's needs or cravings. If he tends to be stressed out by the end of the week, pamper him with Swedish massages. If she loves chocolate, look for a spa that specializes in chocolate- and cinnamon-scented wraps, massages and facials.

Get active: Is there something your partner has been eager to learn? Surprise them by enrolling in a two-day culinary institute course or in a wind-surfing camp. Even if you may not be so keen on learning how to make sushi rolls or getting your adrenaline pumped, the pleasure you'll derive from your partner's thrill will be worth it.

Camping: Out west, "camping" is a euphemism for moving a relationship further along in its romantic destination. Buy or rent a two-person tent and head to the hills, woods or lake -- or even your own backyard. As long as you're snuggling together under the stars for a couple nights, it doesn't matter where you are. Bring a cooler full of your partner's favorite foods like gourmet sandwiches, fruit, wine and cheese.

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