To Survive in the Jungle of Love, You've Got to Find Your Tribe

If you've been exploring the jungle of love and you haven't yet met your Jane, maybe you're swinging from the wrong vines.

You want to find love so badly. You want it so much that you're spending all your free time on dating sites and meeting multiple prospects every week.

You're putting in the time. You're putting in the effort. You're committed.

The problem is that you're committed to the wrong mission.

Seeking a Soul
Your mission should be to understand what makes you happy, not who makes you happy. If you're not in love with who you are yet, then consider taking more time to explore your relationship with your own inner spirit.

It's important to recognize when the life you're living is not setting your heart on fire. That's a sign that you might want to cool your hot pursuit of dates for a while and perfect the art of flying solo.

Try focusing on ways you can embrace happiness while being a singing single. Yes, you read that right. No, that was not meant to say "swinging single."

Investing Wisely
What is a singing single? It's not about performing or being a player, but it is about finding your voice.

For one person, it might mean playing a sport with friends—beach volleyball, disc golf, cycling or flag football. For another, it might mean spending several evenings a week reading for hours on the sofa about people who inspire you.

Single doesn't mean alone. And it doesn't have to mean lonely.

Hitting the Right Notes
Singing singles embrace the activities that make them feel energized, exceptional and full of joy. They go out and do things that make their hearts sing. Or maybe they stay in. At any rate, they figuratively or literally explore new territory.

They follow their interests and go beyond their comfort zone. They stretch. They swing from one growth experience to another. Not from one relationship to another.

They are singing singles. They're finding their voices and sharing their gifts with others. By expressing themselves, they will naturally draw special people who want to be near them.

Like the boy in the movie Australia, if you follow your instincts and use your authentic voice, you just might be able to sing someone to you who truly cares about you and connects with you on a deep level. Start singing!

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